Twist of Treat

Trick of Treaters get ready because Halloween is almost here!

As the costumes come out and the parties begin, don’t forget to stop at Twist of Pine, where there are sweet treats for all ages.

Did you know that at Twist of Pine, children can get a free bag of candy while their parents are shopping in the store.


This deal isn’t just for Halloween. It’s all  year round! We love having children in our store, and since it’s hard for us to resist our sweet tooth, we understand the need for just a little extra candy now and then.

If you’re looking for a little more substance in your treat, we can accommodate you as well.   For the young at heart we offer Chocolate River Rocks, Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds, Rock Candy on a Stick, Gold Nugget Bubble Gum, and more!

However, if you’ve held out so far, waiting for the very best…then our B.T. McElrath Chocolate bars are for you! With eight flavors, one is sure to suit your taste buds. Choose between:

  • Milk Chocolate Bar with 40% milk chocolate,
  • Dark Chocolate Bar with 70 % dark chocolate,
  • Salty Dog Chocolate Bar with butter toffee pieces in 70% dark chocolate with sea salt,
  • Super Red Chocolate Bar with dried cherries, strawberries and raspberries in 70% dark chocolate,
  • Changemaker Chocolate Bar with 70% dark chocolate blended with dark roasted espresso bean pieces,
  • Prairie Dog Chocolate Bar with butter toffee pieces, toasted almonds and sea salt in 40% milk chocolate,
  • Buttered Toast Chocolate Bar with toasted artisan breadcrumbs in 40% milk chocolate, or
  • Peppermint Crunch Chocolate Bar with 70% dark chocolate with peppermint crunch.

Holidays are always special at Twist of Pine. Right now we have 50% off all of our Halloween products. img_3336

We will be open during the annual Harvest Halloween event in Yankton, and we will be welcoming trick-o-treaters on Halloween night.

Finally, if for some reason Halloween has created stress in your life this year, stop in during on of our two classes this week focusing on mood management using essential oils. You will learn holistic approaches to balance emotions and finding inner bliss along the way. The dates for the free classes are:

Kari Henzler, RN, a DoTerra Silver Wellness Advocate  from the Twin Cities, will be leading next week’s classes. She visits Twist of Pine about once a month
doterra_twist-of-pineand puts on different classes.

Kari has shared how to use oils for wellness, cleaning, cooking and more and can answer all of your essential oils questions.

At Twist of Pine, we always have essential oils on hand and can order any of the DoTerra line by request

If you are wanting updates on Twist of Pine‘s events, subscribe on our Facebook page.




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