Laundry Day

Smells can affect everything we do. They can cause changes in our mood, work performance and behavior.

Why? Scientists say it’s because we associate smells with memories and experiences. Some smells remind us of good experiences, while others bring back not-so-happy memories.

At Twist of Pine, it is easy to find your favorite scents, especially in our Milkhouse Candle line.


In 2017, Milkhouse Candles released some new scents in their original Milkhouse line.

img_3766-copyAnd, they released a new Laundry Day scent in their Farmhouse line.


Doing laundry is an activity that can elicit various emotions. Some people  might find it relaxing, while others dread even the thought of doing laundry.

To celebrate our new Laundry Day scent, we put together a few tips to help you get through your laundry chores.img_3772

  • Get stains out right away…don’t let messes set in
  • Use multiple hampers to eliminate sorting
  • Start new in your sock drawer….throw away the old socks that don’t have matches. Start fresh with new
    socks all from the same brand
  • Skip dryer sheets and use more efficient and environmentally friendly Alpaca or
    Sheep Wool balls with essential oils
  • Throw in loads throughout the week…don’t wait to do all of your laundry on one day. Instead, do a load a day

At Twist of Pine, we may not be experts at doing laundry, but it is our goal to find products that help you enjoy your day. Stop in and smell the new candle scents, and watch out for our next blog post.


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