Crafting: Helping you Help Yourself

Work, children’s activities, taxes, spring cleaning, daylight savings time and more are hitting us all at the same time.

The result…stress, anxiety, depression and more.

Google reported in an article from The Washington Post that words like: pain, anxiety, stress, depression and fatigue are searched more often in the spring and fall.

Did you remember to turn your clocks forward an hour? The time change may be causing more problems than we realize. 

Experts say that the decrease in daylight can cause feelings of depression and anxiety in the fall. However, we’re getting more daylight now that spring is here…so what’s happening?

Turns out lengthening daylight might also be affecting our chemical and hormonal balances in the body, resulting in changes in mood.

That being said, no matter what has got you down, Twist of Pine is here to help you turn that frown upside down.

Our solution = CRAFTING!!!

Just like meditation and cognitive activities like crossword puzzles, crafting can help people who suffer from anxiety, depression or chronic pain. Experts are also saying these activities can ease stress, increase happiness and protect the brain from damage caused by aging.

So why would you not want to spend an evening or afternoon crafting with us at Twist of Pine?

Have you used our giant crafting table? At the beginning of the new year, we moved it and our craft supplies out onto the floor to allow easy access for our customers.

Crafting allows your body to focus on one thing, while putting all the worries and fears aside for a few hours. It is rewarding for everyone because each masterpiece, although different and unique, is a great work of art to be proud of.

You will leave the Twist of Pine crafting classes with something useful as well, to help decorate, furnish or better organize your home.

Not to mention, challenging our brains with a new creative project only helps them work better and stronger.

Hopefully now, everyone can see the immense benefits of crafting with Twist of Pine. The only question left is what crafting can you do?

We have three spring craft classes coming up in the next month.


On Wednesday, March 29, at 6 p.m. create your own spring wreath using a variety of materials for $39.99. Base options include: succulent wreath, grapevine wreath, forsythia wreath, feather fern wreath, or a wooden disk wreath. Sign up in the store or online here.


On Wednesday, April 5, at 6 p.m. design a unique vintage repurposed wall organizer with a chalkboard and bulletin board for your entry way, home office, bathroom, bedroom or other space. The class costs $49.99 and includes a 19″ x 33″ board, cork board, chalkboard, vintage frame, and a $20 stipend for additional vintage materials. Selection of your “additional vintage materials” will be chosen based on the order in which you register for the class. Sign up in the store or online here.


On Sunday, April 2, at 1:30 p.m. paint a mason jar centerpiece in a spring theme or with a color that goes well with your home decor. This project is perfect for kids, grandkids, friends and the whole family. Your first jar costs $6.99, and additional jars cost $4. Sign up in the store or online here.

Throughout the year, we will continue to have more crafting classes to fulfill your stress relieving needs and ours! The best way to get all your crafting needs is to watch our Facebook page. We also welcome craft ideas. If you’re are interesting in creating a specific thing, but you’re not sure where to start, let us know. We may be able to help you out!

To read more about spring time blues, check out this article from The Washington Post

To read more about the benefits of crafting, check out this article from CNN.


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