Milkhouse Madness Unveiled

What is this “Milkhouse Madness” Lisa at Twist of Pine keeps talking about?

In short, it is a marketing plan were you, the customer, is undoubtedly the winner.

5-x-7-PostsLisa modeled Milkhouse Madness after the national sports event nicknamed March Madness, when the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) men’s and women’s basketball teams play in tournaments to determine the national champions of college basketball.

She paired each Milkhouse Candle scent with a NCAA team.

How do the March Madness Tournaments Work?

The NCAA tournament is a single-elimination tournament that features 68 teams playing three weekends of games to be crowned the national champions.

Only 16 teams make it past the first weekend. The second weekend limits the playing field to 8 teams, and the final weekend focuses on the final four, with only two teams playing in the championship game.

A team’s regular season performance determines if they play in the tournament or not. Of the 68 teams, 32 are automatically included in the March Madness tournaments for winning their respective conferences. The remaining 36 teams are chosen by a selection committee based on their season performance.


Once the teams are chosen, they are divided into four regions and placed into a bracket. Each team is “seeded” or ranked within its region from 1 to 16, with 1 being the best ranked team.

Higher-seeded teams generally play lower-seeded teams in the beginning. For example, #1 plays #16 in the first round. As the tournament continues though, upsets begin to occur, where the team with the better ranking loses.

These upsets make the tournament results hard to predict. Million of people fill out their own brackets, attempting to predict the winners of all the games. It’s nearly impossible to predict a perfect bracket though. The chances of correctly guessing the winner of every game is less than 1 in 9.2 quintillion!

What does this mean for Twist of Pine Customers?

Here at Twist of Pine, we paired each NCAA team with a Milkhouse Candle scent. Our East Region includes outdoor and earth scents. Our West Region includes food and beverage scents. Our Midwest Region includes miscellaneous and retired scents. Our South Region includes fruit and floral scents.


As the teams move through the tournaments, when a major upset occurs (a team with a better ranking loses to a team with a worse ranking), the corresponding Milkhouse Candle of the winning underdog is then put on sale.

This is a win for you!


Customers also had the chance to predict which teams/candle scents they thought would win. Those who turned in their bracket predictions by March 16, will receive special Milkhouse Candle discounts for the number of winning predictions they had!

Overall, if you are a basketball fan or maybe just a candle fan, Milkhouse/March Madness is another great way to get involved and have fun with your fellow Twist of Pine fans and customers. Let us know if you have winners in your bracket!









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