Wedding Season 2017

We had a gentle reminder this last weekend that wedding season for 2017 is officially here!

A bridal party had rented out the backroom at Twist of Pine for the bride and her bridesmaids to get ready in.

June, August, September and October are the most popular months to get married according to The I already have seven wedding invites on my fridge, and I know more are coming!

Did you know, there are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to attending a wedding as a guest? (according to The

First, when you get an invitation, you’re not supposed to throw it with the other mail on your coffee table where it might get lost. (I’m guilty of this.)


Instead, you should check your calendar and send back the RSVP as soon as possible to help the happy couple plan.

It makes the most sense to purchase the wedding gift right after receiving the invitation. Then you don’t have to worry about forgetting to purchase your gift until the last minute. (I’m guilty of this one too.) Even if you can’t attend the wedding, it is still nice to send a gift or a card.

Luckily for me, this is where Twist of Pine comes in to rescue my typically scatterbrained mind that often forgets to get a gift.

At Twist of Pine, we have perfect gifts for weddings, birthdays, parties, etc.! Food and candles are often the perfect “go-to” gift.


You can even mix the concept of the two and get a candle crock. These special candles have black containers that you can bake in after the candle has burned and you’ve cleaned the dish. Each one comes with a unique recipe to try that is related to the candle’s scent.


Some of our gifts are even wedding specific, such as our mugs, door signs and “team groom” and “team bride” shoe stickers.

Once you have your gift, then you are ready to go to the wedding and reception. Dress for the occasion, matching the mood and formality. Be on time, and be ready to have a good time.

If you’re wondering when a good time to leave is, The says anytime after the cake has been cut is OK. Remember to say thank you to the family for a good time and try to give the couple a last hug if you can.

If your the one planning the wedding, remember Twist of Pine can help you with your invitations, programs, and more. Future (2018) bridal showers and small wedding parties can also consider the new Twist of Pine bed and breakfast/event center in the future!


**Blog Post wrote by Twist of Pine employee Stephanie!


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