Why do you wear jewelry?

I rarely go without a necklace. Often I wear bracelets. There are always earrings in my ears, and the rings on my fingers rarely come off.


IMG_4142To be honest, I’ve never thought about it before. I suppose when I was little wearing jewelry was a way of “dressing up.” I wanted to look pretty like my mother, aunts, and other adult women in my life.

Now, putting on jewelry is like picking out a shirt to wear that day. I have several options, but I have to pick one. I can’t go without. Jewelry completes my outfit.

Luckily for me, the jewelry options at Twist of Pine are immense!

We have South Dakota Chick Beads, which are hand-made in Brookings, SD; Liberate jewelry, which employs women in Haiti; Time in a Bottle jewelry, which is made right here in Yankton, SD; a new gum ball inspired jewelry; Twisted Trinkets from Minnesota; and much more!

People have been wearing jewelry for over 75,000 years. As to why people first chose to wear jewelry, we can only guess.


Maybe it was to attract the attention of other people or to distinguish between social classes. Or wearing jewelry could have simply been a mode of self-expression.

Some cultures believed certain stones held energy or power for good luck, healing,and more. This belief is why the idea of birthstones were created and they became so popular.

Whatever your reason for buying jewelry, stop by Twist of Pine and check out all of the options. You’ll have a hard time leaving without first finding a favorite.





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