Fighting Germs made Easy!

Germs are everywhere! We’re always hearing about bacteria, viruses and more. Doctors tell us they invade our bodies and can make us sick.

Single-celled creatures called bacteria depend on nutrients from their environments in order to live.

IMG_4300With that being said, why do we even give them a chance? At Twist of Pine, it’s not only easy to kill germs, but to do so while smelling great!

Our moisturizing hand sanitizer is only one of many products that can get the job done!

Soap and bath products are a main area of the store. We love trying new things and locally made products. If something works well, we give you the opportunity to buy it as well.



Did you know:

  • Americans spend about $5 billion each year on their colds – about $3 billion on doctors’ visits and $2 billion on treatments; and
  • An estimated 60 million days of school and 50 million days of work are lost annually because of the common cold.
    • According to the Cleaning Institute website

With so much money and time wasted due to the common cold, it only makes sense that we do everything we can to prevent from getting one. Soap and hand sanitizer aren’t the only go-to products though. Specialty products at Twist of Pine can even target those “unspeakable” areas, such as the toilet or the stinky running shoes.

No matter where the germs, smells, or dirt hides at your house, Twist of Pine can help you out. Stop by to see all of your cleansing, beautifying, and freshening up needs.


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